Communication is vital for small or large businesses and drives technological progress. The advancement of high-speed internet and innovative devices has transformed how we stay connected. Among the most effective changes is the introduction of IP phone systems.

IP phone systems have become the foundation of modern business, providing top-notch telephone solutions across various industries. These systems offer numerous benefits, such as reducing telecommunication costs and increasing business production. TELCOG Communications offers enterprise-grade IP phones for seamless business communication services in Whittier, CA. Let’s know what compelling features your business can get with our IP phones.

Features that Our IP Phones Provide:

  • Auto Receptionist

One of the most important things for your business growth is to greet and interact with callers professionally. An auto-receptionist will provide you with this feature and a logical menu for your business to properly route your calls to employees or companies. This feature will also offer you accessibility to create custom menus, unlimited nested menus, and IVRs for your innovative routing needs.

  • Call Routing

With advanced call routing, your business can systemize how to direct incoming phone calls. Our call routing feature will provide the availability to route an inbound call by customer type, purpose, issue ownership, and more.

  • Business Text Messaging

Although some customers prefer texting over a call, our IP phone will send or receive messages from any phone number in your company. Whether you are using a desktop or smartphone, you can do this easily with our texting platform.

  • Call Forwarding

Please make sure to answer every business call because it can have a destructive impact on your business. Our call forwarding feature will give you accessibility to easily forward your incoming calls to another extension or an external number. With this, you can receive calls anywhere and stay in touch with your potential customers.

  • Call Parking

This feature allows any team member to enable call waiting until the right person can take the call. And our IP phone will let you do this with just one touch on your phone button.

  • Call Queuing

Call queuing is one of the most important features for businesses that receive large call volumes. With this feature, you can automate the distribution of inbound calls and organize team members’ and departments’ strategic ways to handle these calls. This feature will help to reduce wait times and enable your team to attend more calls.

  • Music on Hold

While our system comes with default music on hold, you can customize it by uploading your own hold music or professional advertising. By doing this, you can allow your customers to stay on hold, but remember, don’t keep them for an extended period.


While having an IP phone system is vital for today’s business, these are just a few of our many features. From the receptionist and advanced call routing to the convenience of business text messaging and forwarding, our IP phones ensure no call goes unanswered. Features like call parking, call queuing, and customizable music on hold enhance your customer experience. Embrace our IP phone solutions and elevate your business communication service in Whitter, CA, to new heights, fostering growth and success.