Customer interactions are an essential factor of any business. A strong customer satisfaction rating and reputation signify superior customer service. Moreover, customers are often willing to invest more for an enhanced and premium customer experience. Unfortunately, providing good customer service is not consistently accessible due to time restrictions or other factors.

In fact, using automated methods to improve customer service without spending more cash on human resources is critical. Leveraging VoIP business phone service in Whittier, CA, enables seamless global customer connectivity, breaking geographical barriers and enhancing your company’s reach and communication capabilities.

In this blog, we will explore four ways that investing in your business phone system can help you provide better customer service.

Call Monitoring

In order to make sure that employees are following phone protocol, conducting performance reviews, or assisting an employee in resolving a challenging customer situation, managers frequently need to be able to listen in on their colleagues’ conversations.

Managers can do just that with VoIP call monitoring. Using the “Call Whisper” feature, a manager can actually whisper a message into their agent’s ear that the customer cannot hear in order to assist them or provide them with information.

Consider a situation where you work in a sales setting. If you interrupt a colleague on the phone, you might lose the deal even though you have an excellent suggestion for how they can close a sale. Instead, to ensure success, whisper a message in real-time.

Call Analytics and Statistics

It can be difficult as a manager to keep track of all of your employees, particularly when you have a large team. You can use call analytics to monitor worker efficiency if you use a VoIP phone system for handling your company’s calls.

For example, are they spending too much time with one customer? Or is it taking them longer than expected to respond to customer inquiries? All of this information and more can be found in your call analytics reports, allowing you to identify when a colleague requires additional training or assistance.

Businesses will also see statistical analysis, such as average customer wait times, which will give you an idea of what your customers value the most: speed or quality service. This helps streamline future conversations about improving employee performance and highlights specific areas that require immediate improvement.

Choose Your Business Phone Number

When a large telephone provider assigns your business a phone number, you rarely have to choose the digits or area code, making it difficult to stand out. With a VoIP provider like TELCOG Communications, you can choose from a wide range of unique phone numbers, increasing the chance that customers will remember and use you in the future. If you own a small business, you can also select a geographic number, which can help you generate more local customers by building a connection and confidence with your existing customer base.

VoIP Offers Unified Communications Features

Consider that your company has employees spread across the country or that you’ve relocated to a remote location. In that case, you’ll want as many effective communication and collaboration channels as possible for your teams. VoIP phone systems offer unique features like business instant messaging and video/audio conferencing.

This innovation empowers remote customer service, freeing employees from location constraints. The VoIP system seamlessly redirects calls to ensure uninterrupted client assistance, fostering flexibility and efficient communication.

Get Started with A VoIP Phone System Today

VoIP business phone service in Whittier, CA, is an inexpensive and convenient option for any business that wants to provide excellent customer service. The four features listed above can assist your company in maximizing the use of this technology. Contact us today to get started!